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Name:Lindsay Court

Introduction: I have been a member of EDSC for many years and have previously served as social and sailing secretary. I particularly enjoy single-handed sailing but also like racing when I can muster a crew. I believe that EDSC is the best sailing club in Poole Harbour and will do my best to see it remains so  If you wish to contact me please do not hesitate to do so.

Duties: The Commodore is responsible for the overall management of the Club. He takes the chair at committee meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings.  He represents the Club at meetings with PYA, Harbour Commissioners, other Sailing Club Flag Officer functions, and other important one-off meetings. Organises arranges and contacts prospective new members with regard to interviews. The Commodore also takes the chair at prospective new members’ interview panels and ensures all rules/deadlines as stated within the club rulebook are adhered to.

Function:Honorary Secretary
Name:Michael Bryant

Introduction: Having grown up in Plymouth, a Navy city, Mike has built various “boats” out of scrap materials as a young lad and navigated the broad reaches of the river Tamar, with the longest voyage undertaken from the Tamar (Brunel) bridge down the river and out across Plymouth Sound for picnic lunch on the mile long breakwater before the return trip in a home built canvas kayak and a capok buoyancy aid!

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When he left Plymouth and joined the RAF as an apprentice, he sailed Albacores on Cheddar Reservoir and paddled kayaks on the river at Bath. He then travelled about for a bit and had a long posting to NATO HQ in Naples, Italy, with many happy hours spent in the warm waters of the Med. sailing GP14’s out to the islands of Ischia and Procida (Capri was way too far out).

When he left the RAF Mike moved to Poole where he sailed Wayfarers, rebuilt an old Cadet with his sons and rebuilt a Mirror dinghy (sail number 263) from scrap. Amazing what you can do with half a sheet of 6mm exterior grade plywood and a bit of glue!

After his sons had moved out he had enough time to take on another project(!) and purchased a Westerly Centaur with tired rigging, a headlining that had completely failed, sails that were well blown out and no running engine. Three months of work (that actually took over a year!), with completely new headlining throughout, all new standing and running rigging, second hand sails Main and Genoa (Beaulieu). He re-launched in 2000 and moored in Mitchell’s for a few years.

In 2008 Mike joined the EDSC to meet like-minded people who like messing about in boats. Within a couple of weeks of joining and with no understanding of what he was getting into Mike was ‘encouraged’ to agree to be nominated for the Honorary Secretary position. “Nothing to it”, he was told, “just a couple of hours a year writing up the minutes of the Committee meetings and looking after membership renewals”… “It seemed the best way to get to know the Club and seemed a good idea at the time”. He now knows why there were no other nominations!

Duties: As Honorary Secretary, Mike is the primary contact for the club, both for internal and external contacts and he manages the day-to-day running of the club.

The Honorary Secretary also manages all membership details, organises meetings and receptions and takes care of all official documents. In short, he’s the person to contact if you have any questions!

Function: Vice Commodore
Name:Ian Clayton
Email: vice-commodore@eastdorsetsailingclub.co.uk

Introduction: Joined EDSC in 2007 and has served on the Committee since 2008 originally as Social Secretary and currently as the club’s Sailing Secretary. Ian co-owns ‘Point Six’, a Moody 27, which he skippers in EDSC club races

Duties: The Vice Commodore’s duties are to deputise for the Commodore, sit on interview panels, and take care of members both old and new.


Function:Pirate Captain & Novice Leader
Name:Alison Wheeler

Sailing since: From the age of 10

Introduction: Alison had her first boat at the age of 10; a ‘Poole AB’ after which she moved to an ‘OK’  called Ping Pong, which is now in the Falmouth Maritime Museum. Currently she mainly sails a Mirror at EDSC, but is happy in anything which floats. She owns a Laser and an Optimist and had a Topper for a bit. Also a member of Parkstone Yacht Club, she has part owned several other boats and crewed (raced) on an Elan 333 for many years.

In 2017, Alison was awarded the prestigious RYA Community Award for her outstanding contribution to sailing at a grassroots level. The photo shows her receiving her Award from the Princess Royal at the RYA Awards Ceremony in London on 24th November 2017.


Duties: As Pirate Captain Alison organises about 10 on-the-water sailing sessions each year and a few on-land theory and social events for children of EDSC members.
As Novice Leader she encourages all those who would like to learn, improve their skills, or just sail in company, to go out on Tuesday evenings with guidance and safety boat cover.
Alison just loves the pirates and novices at EDSC!


  Tim Lewis 
Function:Sailing Secretary
Name:Tim Lewis

Introduction: Tim was born and grew up little more than a stone’s throw from the river Orwell on the east coast in Suffolk.  He spent his childhood sailing with his dad, bumbling along the coast down the various estuaries, rivers and backwaters as far as the Thames. In his teens, he went on to dinghy racing in Mirrors and National 12s at The Royal Harwich Yacht Club, also on the Orwell. He relocated from Oxford to Poole in 2010 with his wife and three children and has not looked back since.

Since joining EDSC he’s raced a Byte, Topper Topaz Race, and now has a Lightning 368.

When not out dinghy sailing/racing, he can often be found pottering around the harbour and out in the bay in his Prelude 19 pocket cruiser or helping out Captain Ali in the capacity of Sub-Captain of the under twelves Pirates.

Duties: The Sailing Secretary takes the chair of the Sailing Sub-Committee and is responsible for organising and running all club sailing events, assisted by the Dinghy Captain, Cruiser Captain and Pirates Captain. Reporting to the AGM, the Sailing Secretary is also responsible for organising the annual sailing awards and yard management, assisted by the Dinghies Manager and the Bosun.

Additional Duties: Tim is also responsible for representing the Club at PYA (Poole Yachting Association) and PHC (Poole Harbour Commissioner’s) meetings.

Function:Rear Commodore & Moorings Officer
Name:Pat Marlow

Sailing since: EDSC member since 2008

Introduction: Pat owns a Dufour 30 foot yacht and a Supanova racing dinghy, both boats are used and enjoyed for local racing with longer distance cruising in the Dufour.
Pat is qualified to RYA Powerboat II, Sailing Day skipper, Coastal skipper with Navigation and VHF.

Duties: As Mooring Officer Pat takes care of all matters related to the swinging moorings out in the harbour, varying from mooring allocation and maintenance to liaising with other bodies like the Poole Harbour Commissioners.

Name:Mark Jamieson

Duties: The Club President gives advice to the Commodore, particularly when contentious issues arise. The President needs to listen to members and make their views known to the flag officers and Committee, but the President can also be called upon to represent the Club in the absence of a flag officer..

Name:Howard Wood

Duties: The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Club.


Paul Burns EDSC
Function:House Officer
Name:Paul Burns

Introduction: Paul joined EDSC in 2013 and became more involved when his family bought Ellie, one of the first EDSC Pirates, a Pico. Paul became Ellie’s crew despite never having sailed in a dinghy. During 2014 Paul learned to sail alone at Novice Tuesdays under the stewardship of Captain Ali, and during 2015 he started participating in Friday night races on the Pico. At the end of 2015 he acquired Captain Ali’s Laser, Indian Tonic. During 2016 he raced on the Pico and the Laser. He and Ellie regularly attend Novice Tuesdays.

Duties: The House Secretary is primarily responsible for the clubhouse, which involves general management of the fabric of the house, emergency lighting and alarm testing, fire extinguisher and annual electrical appliance maintenance/testing, lighting, cleaning, security, general maintenance requirements etc.

Function:Webmaster & general IT
Name:Mike Naylor

Introduction: I joined EDSC in 2015 to get back into sailing. Previously: I had sailed an old wooden Miracle dinghy, pottering around Poole harbour with my wife, we also went on a number of flotilla holidays overseas.  EDSC has proven the perfect place for sailing Oppies, Toppiers, Club Picos and our Leader dinghy.

Duties: Mike is responsible for supporting the club’s internet systems and technology. Thanks to his predecessor, we have an excellent platform on which to provide information to members, including sailing results, duties, the Club calendar, ‘for sale’ notifications, mailing lists, webcams, etc.  Mike and those assisting him are happy to help any member with technical issues related to EDSC.

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Function:Committee member
Name:Steve Wadams

Introduction: Steve has been with the club for a number of years and has recently joined the committee.

Function:Committee member
Name:Keith Barkway

Introduction: Keith has been with the club for a number of years and has recently joined the committee