The Clubhouse is the centre of the club in more than just a physical sense, the board at the end of the brownsea room gives a small insight into the members who have overseen the running of the club from here, for many years.

In the late 60’s, the lower floor and foundations of what forms the current building were put in place, with the second floor and ‘Brownsea room’ being built and opened in 1992; few would argue that the view from the substantial glass frontage is unrivalled, especially to observe those warm summer sunsets.


With a brand new kitchen layout, in order to support our newly acquired bar facility, the coming seasons look to provide the members with more in the way of a heart to their club; race suppers are always well attended with sailors returning to the clubhouse for substantial servings of hot food after an evening out on the water; either fighting the wind, or wishing there was more of it.

The Pirates are often found recovering in the warmth of the Browsea room (or wrapped up in towels downstairs if they are still sandy and soggy) and sometimes exhausted parents are there too.



When there have been pier maintenance parties, the Brownsea room again provides a location for cold, tired workers to rest and silently devour chips and coffee.

Quiz nights and seminars are activities that we are developing and hoping to provide increasingly for the membership, the evening providing a backdrop of a myriad of flickering navigation lights across the water.

Continuing the theme of improvement within the facilities will see a restructuring of the changing rooms at some point in the near future… Watch this space!