Most of you will have seen some of the coverage of the upcoming 2017 America’s Cup, hosted by Bermuda, and featuring our local hero, Sir Ben Ainsley.  The America’s Cup is match racing too – but EDSC does it slightly differently and far more pleasantly!

We have 2 matching boats, usually Picos, but any will do so long as they match. We often use Toppers and Optimists. There can be several pairs of boats racing at the same time.

You start ankle deep in water, with a big push from your friends, sail round the nearest eelgrass buoy and back. You will either be the winner or the runner-up! Results are entered on a Round Robin chart.

With the special EDSC scoring system, you can sail as many or as few races as you choose, so it’s ideal for beginners to have a go. However, the more races you sail the better the chances of winning overall. Meanwhile, on shore, there are refreshments, socialising, gossip, sandcastles, boules, etc. etc. So keep your fingers crossed for fine weather.

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