A big part of the whole ethos of the East Dorset SailingClub is to encourage simply ‘pottering around in boats’ and many of our members do want to simply enjoy and use their boats to sail around the harbour.

“Novice Tuesdays” have been increasingly well attended after being created in recent times for those club members who want to develop their sailing skills a little, or just sail in company without the pressure of racing or sailing over any distance. Any Adult or junior members (who are too old to be a Pirate) are welcome on a Tuesday where we have a safety boat on the water and various members who want to develop some confidence, improve their abilities, sail around in circles with like-minded people or even simply get started in a dinghy.

It’s fun and friendly but rarely fast and never furious, some of the best sunsets are seen by novices and during one session, we even dug up champagne on the shore next to the Royal Motor Yacht Club!

Any dinghy is welcome and if you can’t actually make it sail towards the wind, you can give a shout and team up with other folks (who may actually be worse at sailing to windward, but at least there will be someone to talk to)

Dates for the 2018 season are on the calendar, accessible from the home page.

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