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10:30 am Membership Renewal Day 2019 @ EDSC
Membership Renewal Day 2019 @ EDSC
Jan 19 @ 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Downloads EDSC MEMBERSHIP 2019 word EDSC MEMBERSHIP 2019 pdf EDSC Duties 2019 As a self-help club, our terms of membership require each full member to undertake two duties per season. Joint members are required to undertake 2 duties between them, although where both joint members are fully active, we kindly request that they undertake 2 duties each. Members serving on club committees or undertaking a specific role, such as club bosun or IT support, are not required to take on additional duties, although many do. We currently have around 45 full members and a similar number of joint memberships, which covers around 180 duties but as it normally requires approximately 240 duties to run the club activities and maintenance over the course of a season we do rely on many joint members undertaking 2 duties each and members who are willing to volunteer for extra duties. Nevertheless, the trend over the last few seasons has seen significant gaps in the duty roster particularly during July and August, and in the areas of assistant race officer, supper and bar duties. This season the committee has decided to remove the club spring clean in March and monthly yard sweeps from the list of qualifying duties because these always used to be voluntary jobs, and we now need to prioritise duties, which support club sailing and social events. A major factor in this decision has been the loss our long term race officer Kelly Matisonn, and her husband Jerome who is the club bosun as well as regular cover for the support boat or assistant race officer on Friday Nights. They are moving to Gosport and will be sorely missed. Such has been their contribution to supporting club events that we start the year with 18 race officer duties to fill as well as addressing the general decline in members volunteering for assistant race officer, supper and bar duties. To tackle this problem we will be running race officer training sessions for members interested in helping in this key area, in the run-up to the start of racing in April. Please talk to the signing on team manning the duty sheets at the renewal days and they will be able to explain what each duty entails and provide you with an instruction sheet. We are giving you advance warning of these changes so that you may consider where your skills or abilities can be put to best use and whether you require any training. Those with race officer experience are requested to opt for race officer duties over any other duty. Summary of club duties Support boat helm (must have Powerboat Level 2 qualification or undergo training) Support boat crew (must be physically able to launch and retrieve support boat and be prepared to get wet) Race officer (must undergo race officer training if never done this duty before) Race officer assistant– assists the race officer in tracking boats, recording laps and times. Friday night supper duty – cook and serve a hot meal for around 24-30 members. Joan is usually on hand to help serve and take the money. If necessary you can volunteer just to cook the supper and bring it to the club, which worked well on a couple of occasions last season. Friday night bar duty – man the bar on a Friday night from around 19.30 until last orders. BBQ helpers – We have two big sailing/BBQ events per season; see dates on sign on sheet Bar duty social events – see dates on sign on sheet Fence erecting and dismantling – must be physically able to lift fence panels and be available on the specific day/time detailed on the sign on sheet Pier maintenance – must be physically able to undertake heavy work and use/supply power tools and be available on specific dates/times at low tide. Club maintenance projects – see specific details on sign on sheet All yards sweeps and spring-cleaning will be on a voluntary basis and not counted as a duty.