We have a number of options for membership to best fit your needs.

Per year + Joining Fee


Joint Membership Open to a husband and wife or co-habiting partners both having the same standing as an individual Full member. £117.00 + £272.00 (or 2 x £136)
Full Membership  A single member. who is entitled to vote, serve on Committee, and become an Officer of the Club. £74.00 + £272.00 (or 2 x £136)
Student Membership A student who is in full-time education and aged between 18 and 25 years and is entitled to keep a boat at the Club and use facilities. £36.00 + £136.00
Pier Membership A Pier Member is attached to a Full or Joint member(s) who will be responsible for all acts of the Pier Member. Can use the Pier and Clubhouse, A Pier Member will be entitled to use a boat belonging to the Full Member. £40.00
Junior Membership Junior members are over the age of 14 and attached to a Full or Joint membership. £8.00


CarPark fee (Compulsory for all joint & full members) £39.00


Deep water mooring £375.00
Channel edge mooring and Mid-Way £340.00
Shallow mooring and Cat Mooring £282.00


Club Dinghies (Argo, Pico & Topper) Annual Multi-use Fee (Or Pay as-you-go rates are £10 per Argo or £5 per Pico or Topper) £50.00
Sailing Dinghy in Yard Fee £100.00
Sailing Dinghy Rack storage (on or under) £50.00
Tender (Toast rack or Outhaul) Fee £41.00
Storage Bay Fee £6.00

1. Joining fees can be paid in 2 x £136 = (2 x annual installments of £136.00) over 12 months.
2. Adult members of your family (age 18+) regularly using the club facilities should be included as a Pier Member,
unless they are included as a spouse/partner under joint membership.
3. Members’ children over the age of 14 regularly using the club facilities should be included as Junior or Pier Members.