Unfortunately the Pirates sessions are fully booked throughout 2020.

The ‘Pirates’ are children under 12 years of age whose parents or grandparents are full members of EDSC.  They usually have 10 ‘on water’ sessions during the sailing season and 3 ‘on land’ sessions in the winter, and a walk to dam the stream in January!

The aim is to give them a happy experience on the water.  If they enjoy sailing, they will want to do it again, and they will learn.

Parents are asked to contribute to running costs, and must always actively participate in the sessions in whichever way is most appropriate.

The final session is always the ‘Pirate Olympics’ (Pirates do it every year, not just every 4 years!) at the end of the season when the older children compete to win the Pirates’ Cup.

Dates for sessions are on the calendar, accessible from the home page.

More information is available via these links:

About Pirates

Pirate parents – what we expect of you

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The photos below were taken during the Pirates Match Racing event held on 19 May 2018.

Pirates Match Racing May 2018bis

Pirates Match Racing May 2018